Meta Carbon

About Us

Meta Carbon, established in July 2021 by seasoned entrepreneurs Tom Herman and Mark David, is driven by a mission to combat climate change by enhancing transparency in carbon markets and simplifying transactions. Their vision? To democratize carbon offsetting. With investments secured and the creation of MC Cloud, a blockchain-based carbon management platform, their journey began.

In early 2022, Animoca Brands aligned with their ethos, joining other institutions and industry experts in investing in Meta Carbon and supporting their cause.

Identifying critical challenges, our founders addressed two core issues:

How does MC Cloud tackle these challenges?

Meta Carbon creates sales channels for Suppliers, selling their carbon to brands and individuals.  The platform facilitates automated management and real-time reporting of inventory, sales, and retirements while serving as a repository for project metadata. Suppliers benefit from margin tracking, automated sales, and pricing flexibility. Additionally, MC Cloud empowers Meta Carbon to oversee, manage, and price carbon inventories from various registries in one centralized location, streamlining operational processes and facilitating payments to suppliers with varying margins and pricing structures.

For brands, MC Cloud offers customizable and automated SME Footprint Calculators, including Travel, Events, Personal, and Business calculators, with plans for a new festival/events calculator in the pipeline. Robust APIs enable seamless management and retirement of carbon assets at the point of sale, along with associated metadata. To drive engagement, Leaderboards foster competition among users, rewarding environmental actions. Moreover, brands can enhance the communication value of retirements by providing custom certificates or NFTs as receipts, backed by immutable data recording of carbon sales.

If off-the-shelf tools aren’t available, Met Carbon can build products to meet specific needs. Having recently built specific business calculators for blockchain company Ripple XRP and a festival organiser.

In essence, Meta Carbon’s MC Cloud strives to revolutionize carbon offsetting, offering a solution that aligns sustainability with transparency and accessibility.

Our Mission

We empower Brands to commit authentically to sustainability and Project Developers to maximize revenue. By offering climate tools that manage, measure, reduce, offset, and communicate environmental impact. With secure blockchain recording, we ensure unparalleled transparency


Our team of specialists combined with our Sustainability as a Service (SaaS platform) can design a creative offsetting strategy that connects brands with climate change action that will authentically resonate with their customers.

Board of Directors

Thomas McMahon

Co-Founder and CEO of Air Carbon, a carbon trading platform, Tom has 30 years of experience across U.S. and Asian Exchange and Regulatory frameworks.

Jeffrey Brown

Managing Director for Terra Focus, which develops climate impact strategies regarding energy development, land management, and carbon sequestration.

Tom Herman

CEO. Our “Dreamer”
A serial entrepreneur and specialist in blockchain enabled carbon trading platforms.

Mark David

CMO-CRO. Our “Hustler”
A veteran entrepreneur who has built and managed multiple global sales and marketing teams.

Andy Steward

CTO. Our “Engineer”
Andy has 30+ years experience building SaaS Platforms for public and private companies.

Natalie Steinhauer

Marketing Manager. Our “Storyteller”
A content creator and digital strategist, Natalie has a proven track record in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns.

Willinton Muñoz

Full Stack Engineer. Our “Builder”
A digital enthusiast Combining 5+ years of experience as innovation leader and full stack developer

Juan D. Aristizábal

Head Creative. Our “Originator”
Professional in Advertising and Graphic Design. 3D Generalist. Modeling; Rigging; Animation.

Said Suárez

UX Designer. Our “Maker”
Graphic designer and web developer with 10+ years of experience. Said enjoys making digital smarter and more intuitive.


Meta Carbon is honored to collaborate with top-tier companies within the Climate and Web3 sectors.