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Business Carbon Emissions Calculator

Why calculate your emissions?

We are delighted to collaborate with you in measuring your carbon emissions. This endeavor holds pivotal importance for you, for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it provides a deep understanding of your environmental impact, showcasing your dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Moreover, by pinpointing areas of significant emissions, you can deploy tailored strategies to diminish your carbon footprint. This often translates into financial savings through heightened energy efficiency and streamlined operations.

Furthermore, with global regulations and consumer preferences increasingly favoring environmentally conscious enterprises, measuring and managing your carbon footprint can safeguard the future of your company. Overall, embracing carbon footprint measurement not only contributes to environmental welfare but also yields tangible business benefits.

Our measurement methodologies adhere to GHG protocol standards, drawing upon data from reputable sources such as the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the IEA World Energy Outlook global grid, the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, and the US Energy Information Agency.

In addition, all emissions data is securely and transparently recorded on the blockchain. As our dataset grows, you will gain the ability to benchmark your emissions against companies of similar size and industry.

Please be advised that the accuracy of the results depends greatly on the amount and accuracy of data you can furnish. If you know your numbers, then it will only take you 10-15 mins to complete but do take your time; rest assured, your information will be saved as you progress. Now, before we proceed further, we kindly request that you create a log-in.

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