Case study

“Thanks to Meta Carbon’s cutting-edge technology, SFT has successfully engaged over 100K+ followers in our mission to protect forests. Their pledge badges, NFT prizes, leader-boards, and quizzes have empowered our community to make a real impact on the planet in new ways.”

Lisa Wade
CEO Digital X PLC


Rather than just a line in a company report, Digital X (plc) wanted to shout about their carbon offsetting efforts, to build trust in their brand.


Digital X utilized Meta Carbon’s creative team to produce a koala digital collectible that contained $10 of retired carbon and $10 donation to a koala non-profit. The NFT acted as a digital receipt for immutable proof of retirement on the blockchain.


As a blockchain technology company NFTs were a perfect way to highlight Digital X sustainability values. The collectibles were given away to staff, key stakeholders and used as creative giveaways at several conferences globally. 

Koala digital collectible