Grab your NFT & be a hero

PATA has teamed up with Meta Carbon to create an Arabian Oryx carbon creature NFT. This amazing creature is the first ever example of an animal being successfully reintroduced into its original habitat after being declared extinct in the wild in 1972.

With the distribution of these NFTs, PATA is proudly supporting Stand For Trees’ projects. By joining forces, we will make a meaningful impact on defending habitats and healing the climate – and you can help us.

1 NFT = half a ton of carbon reduced
Each NFT contains half a ton of CO2 retired in your name. That’s equivalent to saving more than 10 mature trees or 1,241 miles of biking instead of driving.

There are only 250 NFTs of each creature so act now to become a hero!

Stand For Trees Projects

Rimba Raya Orangutan Reserve

By purchasing carbon from this project, PATA is helping to protect lowland peat swamp forests in Borneo, Indonesia.

Keeping these forests standing will ensure that one of the last remaining populations of Bornean Orangutans on the planet will be around for years to come.

Mai Ndombe

Based in D.R. Congo this project protects the most threatened frontier of the Congo basin rainforest. By purchasing carbon from this project PATA is helping protect a critical habitat for Bonobos, Mankind’s closest living relative.

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About PATA

The Pacific Asia Travel Association connects public and private organizations for the responsible development of the travel and tourism industry.

About Meta Carbon Brands

Our goal is to make the process of offsetting carbon fun, engaging and transparent by using blockchain, NFTs, and other engagement tools. We are dedicated to carbon capture and wildlife conservation.

Visit the Green Token transparency page for a breakdown of the funds and see our other projects

Stand For Trees tackles climate change at its core – by stopping the destruction of trees. Since 2014, we’ve helped save over 3.5 million trees in tropical forests worldwide and defended unique ecosystems home to thousands of endangered creatures. We enable anyone to make a real difference – to unlock collective action.

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