Holding Governments Accountable at COP28 🌍


🌿 COP28: A Call to Action for Climate and Forests

The United Nations’ 28th Convention of the Parties (COP28) is fast approaching, marking a pivotal moment for global climate action. As the climate community converges in Dubai, the urgency to address climate change and protect our forests has never been greater.

🔍 Why COP28 Matters:

  • The conference in Dubai, the world’s fossil fuel hub, brings a unique focus on phasing out fossil fuels.
  • Despite progress in renewable energy and public support for climate action, we still face significant challenges, notably in climate finance.
  • Tropical deforestation, the world’s 4th largest emitter, remains a critical concern. Protecting forests is vital for carbon capture and maintaining biodiversity.

🌲 REDD+ and Forest Protection:

  • REDD+ projects have shown a 47% reduction in deforestation, emphasizing the importance of forest communities in climate solutions.
  • Our team will share insights on REDD+ at COP28, highlighting the need for equitable scaling and investment in forest stewardship.

👀 Highlights to Watch at COP28:

📈 The Urgency Highlighted by Recent Reports:

✊ Your Role is Crucial:

  • Stay informed about COP28 developments and share your knowledge.
  • Encourage your government to prioritize climate change, deforestation reduction, and support for REDD+ initiatives.
  • Together, we can advocate for bold commitments and hold our leaders accountable for a sustainable future.

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