The coolest ways we’re integrating carbon offsetting with AtomicHub

Seeing people use the new Meta Carbon API creatively has been delightful. When we designed it, I had hoped that selling carbon in increments of 2.5 cents would result in some intriguing implementations of game mechanics and point-of-sale integrations. Still, now that we’re seeing it transpire, it’s so cool.

The team at AtomicHub has been building on our API for about 90 days now. In November, they launched AtomicHub Green, which allows their customers to offset as little as 1 Kg of carbon with each NFT they buy or sell.

Also, they allow different collections to compete as the platform tracks the climate action of each NFT collection:

And they created a Dashboard with the option for users to vote on the carbon forestry projects they want to support:

Well, I thought all of that was awesome, but now AtomicHub has gamified carbon offsetting with a creative holiday contest, and the Meta Carbon team didn’t even have to help them.

To celebrate the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” they are awarding prizes to all users who offset carbon from specific projects. Every two days, they will change which Stand For Trees project users will need to offset at least 25kgs of carbon with and which NFT they will receive as a reward. By collecting all six event NFTs, users will receive an NFT Stocking and a portion of the final WAX prize pool. This is basically a version of the SDG Bingo I’ve wanted to see implemented for so many years!

In addition to AtomicHub’s customer base, top creators will have the opportunity to win prizes. They can enter the contest by encouraging their communities to offset carbon towards their collections for this event. The top three collections with the most carbon offsets during that period will be awarded AtomicAds as well as a spot on the AtomicHub homepage hero carousel in January. So now they’re incentivizing the collectors and the creators as a whole community!

This contest is such a great holiday event for planet earth. Click on the image below to learn how you can participate.

So if you’ve built something really cool, I would encourage you to share your creation with the world. Because as we’ve seen, new ways of using a product can lead to new customers, new applications, and maybe even huge innovations that nobody could have predicted.

Contact Meta Carbon ( if you want to build an engagement plan around climate action for your community.

Thank you for reading and for your support.

-Tom Herman, CEO