Launching Carbon Creatures

Our first product is Carbon Creatures, NFT’s designed to remove carbon from the atmosphere!

Hi Friends, Family and Advisors,

Many of you have heard me speak over the previous months about blockchain, carbon offsets, carbon creatures and so forth. Many of you also know that I’ve been quietly working on a new business, Meta Carbon Inc, and now’s the moment for a small reveal and a favor. First I should share a bit about why I started Meta Carbon with my two co-founders Mark & Sunita.

I believe that carbon emissions are an existential threat to life as we know it on earth.

I believe every government, business, and individual needs to measure their carbon footprint, reduce it, and offset what they can or do not reduce immediately.

I believe that the industrialized world has gotten rich and benefited for hundreds of years without paying for the carbon we have emitted. The less developed parts of the world are paying for our actions and bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change, but they do not have the financial or other resources to deal with rising water levels, drought, heat, and storms.

Blockchain technology is fundamentally rewiring the global financial industry and will power carbon emissions accounting as it is integrated into every facet of our consumer, transportation, manufacturing, and commercial lives.

Thus Mark, Sunita and I are building a platform that efficiently packages or merchandises ‘carbon offsets’ in a transparent way which is consumer friendly and fun.

Meta Carbon works with businesses and influencers to engage and educate their audience on the topic of climate change. We drive money to the areas of the world where the greatest impact can be gained and this is done with fun, furry, cute, collectible animals in the form of an NFT. What’s an NFT…? That’s probably a story too long for this email, so I’ll suggest you read this little overview. And, if you have time and are really interested, check out why Bored Apes are so valuable.

I can write, ad-nauseum, on this topic, I’ll just say that Meta Carbon’s first product is Carbon Creatures! Carbon Creatures are a collection of NFT which are the animal equivalent of a baseball trading card, Pokemon Cards, or Magic the Gathering card (which Josh and I collected when living in Singapore). These cute (OK, the Han Solo theme is a bit dark) collectible creatures are represented by a cryptographic token (blockchain) which is the equivalent of a digital property deed. It says, mathematically, that you own the Carbon Creature in question and that it is authentic. And this blockchain technology is used to digitally document how your Carbon Creature removes carbon from the environment.

In the case of our first Carbon Creatures, the decarbonization is done via Forestry projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil, and Colombia all of which are certified by As of October 28th, 2021, we have retired our first 300 tonnes of carbon and we have also adopted our first Gorilla from the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund ( Here are our first 3 projects:

In total, our collection of Carbon Creatures will consist of 8,888 unique items. In some ways, we’re following the standard NFT offerings like Bored Apes, ( Fluf ( OMG, we have DEFINITELY FALLEN DOWN ALICE’S RABBIT HOLE!!! Flufs were initially sold (AKA Minted) for $350 USD each only in August and now they trade for circa $3,300 each with one of the most rare Fluf’s sold for $100,000 USD!. Huh? Did I read that correctly? Yeah.

The Apes and Fluf’s ARE cool for a certain demographic, so we try to make our Carbon Creatures cool too, but ours have a real value. If we can get liquidity going in the market, we can put more and more money into removing carbon from the atmosphere and supporting charities that protect habitat for all animals. So we need to balance between the silly story telling, the dark reality of climate change, and the genuine purpose of raising money for carbon projects.

Enough already!

You can see our first Carbon Creatures here: What’s to come…

We are planning carbon creature launches with celebrities and brands We are planning game play around the NFTs and ways to make them available in different metaverses and different games (e.g. bring your Carbon Creatures to a Habitat in Minecraft).

We are currently launching CC on an Ethereum side chain called Polygon. It has a very low carbon footprint and low transaction costs (often called gas fees). We plan to design products for Cardano and Solana blockchains and if/when Ethereum 2.0 is official, we’ll launch there as well.

We have a lot of Interface Design and engineering to make the carbon offsets really easy for the average consumer to look at and understand.

We want to build games like SDG Bingo which engage consumers in learning about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how they are connected to Carbon Offsetting.

We are raising a Series A financing

We have our first big NFT Drop (NFT speak for product launch) on Nov 12th. If you want to buy a Carbon Creature in advance, you can learn more about it and pre-purchase at a discount with a Credit Card at

If you are new to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs you may need help setting up a blockchain wallet as a home for your first NFT. I am happy to give you a short, free tutorial, tell you about Meta Mask, help you set up a wallet, and so forth.

Finally, if you’re curious about NFTs, one of our advisors, Shelly Palmer, has a book about blockchain ($2.99). It’s a good, easy to read overview and best of all, 100% of the proceeds are being donated to “Girls that Code”.

OK, what is the ask…? I’d just like you to paste into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, whatever social media you use and please tag me.

Thanks so much for your support!